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$6.20 - $7.60/Piece
100.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
$6.20 - $7.50/Piece
3.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
$6.50 - $7.50/Piece
100.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
$6.20 - $7.50/Piece
3.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
$7.50 - $20.50/Piece
3.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
I give a piece of light and warmth to people I give a piece of light and warmth to people

My name is Anastasia and I live in the Far East of Russia. I took a fancy for the process of candle making in 2015. I have always been a very passionate person and I have tried myself in different spheres. I remember the moment when I first saw an admirable candle made in baroque style. I could not stop thinking about its beauty. It was the beginning of my way.

Since that time I have studied a lot of techniques and used different materials. I remember the feelings I had during the process of creating my first candle. I was enwrapped by something magic. I still have such feeling, even now, when I make 20 candles a day. The only difference is that at present I am much more confident in holding tools and in using my favorite materials.

The first candles became presents for my nearest and dearest. Eventually, I have got more and more fans.
I am so happy to give a gift that is not just a piece of decoration, but a piece of light and heat in the literal sense of the word!

When my customers buy candles, they participate in a good deed without realizing it. For several years I have been collaborating as a volunteer with one of the non-profit organizations in my city. We work with children and teenagers who have got into a difficult life situation. I give candlelight workshops to teach kids how to make candles. Besides, 5% of each candle cost goes to the fund helping these children.

Materials as the guarantor of quality
Not only the idea, but the quality of the material is an important part of making candles. I use only high -quality components in the process.

The main material and the base for my candles is food grade paraffin P2. It is used in many areas of life, for example, in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Additionally, I add stearin to the candles. This is an organic product based on vegetable or animal fats. Stearin helps candle to last longer and not to lose its shape.

One of the candle collections consists of wax - a unique plate of beeswax. Candles made from this material have pleasant smell of honey. They also have antiseptic and bactericidal properties.

I pay special attention to a choice of other materials. Special high - quality dyes give color to the candles, and cotton wicks help them to burn. For flavoring I include essential oils into the composition. Besides, I decorate candles with dried flowers, cinnamon, cones and other natural decor.

The special candle polish finishes the process, giving more beauty and gloss to the products. It makes candles glossy and more resistant to external influences.